Paul Wright


Information: School
Although the majority of committee members must be from the congregation, there may be committee members from sister
Lutheran Congregations, however, each committee meeting must have a majority of congregational members present for any
decisions to be valid.
The Committee shall:
a. Promote the Christian Day School in the Congregation and community;
b. Supervise and evaluate the entire school program including staffing, recruitment, policy making, purchase,
c. Together with the Pastor and Principal.
1) Enable the parish and school programs to work harmoniously together; 2) Evaluate and assist the
performance of each teacher
2) Review candidates for vacant positions and make recommendations to the Council for action;
d. Together with the Principal and faculty, study, improve and implement a curriculum which meets highest
standards for secular and religious education;
e. Through the Principal be responsible for all school purchases;
f. Together with the Committee for Building and Grounds provide facilities which are conducive to education;
g. In cooperation with the Business and Finance Committee:
1 ) Prepare a balanced budget which contains projections of income by source and expenditures by purpose
and activity. Such budget shall be based on the best available information and shall reflect specified areas
which could change depending on actual income;
2) Submit the budget for review by the Church Council before presentation and adoption by the Voters of its
Spring meeting. All contracts agreed upon and reflected in the budget shall be tentative and not become valid
until the budget is approved by the Voters;
3) Submit any necessary and subsequent changes of the previously approved budget to the Church Council at
its September meeting for approval by the Voters.