George Cerruto
Buildings & Grounds


Information: Buildings and Grounds shall:

a. Make periodic inspections (at least annually) of all Church physical plant facilities, prepare and maintain a
listing of all repairs, replacements and modifications required, together with a performance and maintenance timetable for accomplishment;
b. Prepare and maintain an inventory of all personal property and fixtures together with date of acquisition, if known, and the cost or fair market value of each item;
c. Conduct an annual fire safety inspection of the physical plant with the assistance, if necessary, of municipal fire prevention authorities;
d. Program as far as possible, all maintenance, repair, replacement and modification of church property to
insure prior planning for fund availability;
e. Employ custodians and janitors with the Council’s approval and to supervise them;
f. Contract, within its authority, for all services relating to the physical plant, fixtures and equipment;
g. Develop and promulgate reasonable rules and regulations relating to use of the church property.
h. Enlist congregational volunteers to perform designated tasks relating to church property.
i. Be responsible for the maintenance of the office equipment and supplies;
j. Be responsible for all congregationally owned properties, all buildings, and the proper function, repairs and acquisition of all equipment;
k. Improve and maintain outside grounds, including snow removal from parking areas and maintenance
of lawns.