Eric Billings

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Information: Business and Finance shall:

a. Plan, supervise and evaluate according to sound and approved fiscal methods
1) The collection and banking of all funds;
2) The bookkeeping of all receipts
and disbursements;
3) The distribution of confidential yearly statements of personal contributions to every envelope holder;
4) The distribution of quarterly reports to the congregation concerning the
current fiscal situation;
5) Presentation of monthly reports to the church Council together with pertinent recommendations
b. Prepare an annual balanced budget which shall contain detailed projection of income by source and disbursements by purpose and activity; this budget shall be presented to the Council two months prior to the beginning of a new fiscal year;
c. Plan and periodically update long-range capital improvement budgets (renovations, additions, etc.) for integration into annual budgets;
d. Supervise all fundraising activities by church or congregational agencies;
e. Upon approval